Friday, October 13, 2006

On Broken Down Escalators and Saving Taxpayer Bucks

Metro Board Rejects Escalator Proposal

This post has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with brains in politics.

Seems the bureaucrats who run the Washington, DC, Metro wanted to spend an untold amount of money to replace what are described as "23 short escalators" with stairs at 15 Metro stations. Apparently, these escalators are prone to break down, and the Metro bureaucrats thought it would be a wise investment to replace breakdown-prone escalators with breakdown-free stairs.

The change, they posited, would have saved taxpayers $1.5 million per year in maintenance costs.


Am I missing something here, or ... isn't a broken down escalator really nothing more than a fancy set of stairs?

Note to Metro bureaucrats: Let the escalators run until they break down. At that point, don't spend the money to replace them -- just put up (cheap) signs that say "Metro encourages our riders to stay in shape. Use these stairs in place of a workout today," save the repair and replacement cost, and ... use your new stairs.


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