Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another Torricelli? Two Days and Counting. Or ... 14?

Two days from today, we will be 51 days away from the November election.

On Monday, September 18, under New Jersey statute, the deadline will arrive -- and pass -- for Democrats to replace Senator Bob Menendez on the ballot with a new candidate.

Of course, given our experience in 2002, and the precedent set in the case of Torricelli v. Everyone, no one I know of expects that if New Jersey Democrats let that deadline slip and then decide, oh, say, ten days from today to replace Menendez, that the New Jersey Supreme Court will NOT allow the switch; having sanctioned the law-breaking once before, it's hard to come back and say, "Oh, silly us! We were wrong four years ago, but we'll get it right this time!"

The way I see it, New Jersey's Democrats have until at least September 30 (12 days beyond the deadline) to announce a decision to replace Menendez.

September 30, after all, was the day Bob Torricelli made his withdrawal announcement four years ago.


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