Friday, June 02, 2006

Funniest line of the day has a piece on its front page this morning regarding dueling press events yesterday in Hudson County: appointed US Senator/Hudson County Democratic Party Boss Bob Menendez officially kicked off his campaign at his old high school, while state senator Tom Kean Jr. held a press conference at the Hudson County Courthouse to denounce Menendez's corruption.

At the bottom of the piece, appearing almost as an afterthought, is a few paragraphs reminding voters that Kean, in fact, faces a primary challenge from a conservative activist -- John Ginty.

Here's how the piece ends:
Of course, not too many political observers in the Garden State are willing to go out on a limb and predict a Ginty win, but the candidate himself remains confident.

"I think I have a decent chance to win," says Ginty. "That's not based on polls – I'm not doing any polling – it's just based on a feeling."
Ginty's web site describes his current occupation thusly: "Financial Data analyst at a New York City-based publishing company."

Let's hope Ginty's clients ask for the hard data when they get a recommendation from him on a proposed business move. His "feelings," I'll wager -- and we'll know the answer on Tuesday next -- are way off.