Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Our" economic plan?

"His leadership was critical to the development and passage of our economic plan, and he deserves much credit for the prosperity, fiscal responsibility and poverty reduction it produced."

-- joint statement from Bill and Hillary Clinton, on the passing of former Clinton Treasury Secretary/1988 Democratic VP nominee/TX Senator Lloyd Bentsen


"Our" economic plan? Hillary had an economic plan?

Hillary's plan was to nationalize health care. Bentsen's plan -- later, for the most part, adopted by President Clinton -- was for massive tax increases and somewhat moderated spending, so that the Administration could claim a $140 billion cut in the deficit in its first year. Bentsen was all about convincing Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan that the Clinton Administration was serious about deficit reduction, in hopes that the Fed would respond in kind and begin lowering interest rates.

Bentsen's deficit reduction plan and Hillary's health care plan were, to say the least, at odds. For her now to make a joint statement with her husband, calling it "our" plan, is ... odd, to say the least.


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